Battlefield Resource Distribution Database

Kinmen National Park is the first national park in Taiwan aims at preserving both battlefield relics and cultural heritage as main pursuits. The successive war fires of the Guningtou Battle, the Daerdan Battle, the August 23rd Artillery Battle, and so on accomplished the Battlefield Relics today.

The Battlefield Resource Distribution Database is presented with the distribution records by GPS values, the resourceˇ¦s appearance and uniqueness by field photos, and the brief introductions with history backgrounds to achieve the digital archives purposes.

The current accumulations of Battlefield Resource Distribution Database are 723 records in total, and following with different characteristics, several sub- databases could be categorized as:

War Preparedness Database: 28 records
Memorial and Monument Database: 26 records
Tomb and Burial Facility Database: 15 records
Military Construction Database: 4 records