Currently, there are 48 guesthouses under registration in Kinmen (up to March, 2009), including 23 in Jincheng Township, 11 in Jinhu Township, 3 in Jinsha Township, 7 in Jinning Township, and 4 in Lieyu Township; 27 of the guesthouses are situated inside Kinmen National Park and mostly in Shuitou and Qionglin residencies. Not only with modern and comfortable accommodations, there are many unique Fujian and Western style houses as well. Through the promotion of recovery and revitalization by Kinmen National Park Headquarters, many old houses are free from tear down or toppled. This also helps the visitors to experience the daily life wisdoms of the ancestors by living in ancient houses and on the other hand increase employments for local residents. And hopefully the conservations of traditional residencies could get more attentions and concerns.

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Jinsha Township

Shanhou No. 48 Residence


Shanhou No.48 Guesthouse was built during the Jiaqing reign of Qing dynasty (a. 1797 AD), a "San-gai-lang" architecture, in the base of one stage mansion with four side rooms and covered passagewayíK

Shanhou No.84 Guesthouse


Situated in the most beautiful Shanhou Folk Culture Villages, left to the higest pavillion, Shanhou No.84 guesthouse is an old style one stage mansion with covered passage as a Shihheyuan compound.íK

Shanhou No.45 Guesthouse


The National Park had made a large investment in building this one stage mansion with four side rooms and with double hu-long design, in the total area of more than 300 square meters. Following with íK