Cultural Heritage

@According to the announcements of Council for Cultural Affairs and the Taiwan Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County, there are currently 1 Historical Site, 8 National Standard Relics, and 36 County Standard Relics in Kinmen. Except for the Lighthouse of Wuqiu, all 43 sites are accessible in Kinmen proper or Little Kinmen for paying a nostalgic visit.

@The diversities of historical relics in Kinmen can be featured in the forms of Residencies, Mausoleums, Honorific Arches, Inscriptions, Ancestral Shrines or Temples well preserved in every township or village. Most of the relics are located in the well-developed and centered township throughout the history, Jincheng. In addition to historical relics, there are even 145 architectures with historical values in Kinmen waited to be explored!

Li's Ancestral Temple
Xishanqian Li Residence (I)
Xishanqian Li Residence (II)
Tomb of Huang Wei
Cide Temple
Huang xuanxian's Six Courtyard Grand Mansion
Tomb of Chen Jian
Tomb of Huang Bian
Wang shihjie's Ancient Style House
Pubian Jou's Residence
Tomb of Chen Zhen
Guande Bridage
Chen Zhen Honor Arch
Lungfeng Temple
Rueyou Academy
Youtang Villa
Yennanshan Park Area (Old Site of Yennan Academy & Taiwenyensih Temple)
Han Ying Yun Gen Inscription
Wentai Pagoda
Xu Jiang Xial Wo Stone Inscription
Zhuzi Shrine (Inside Wujian Academy)
Marquis of Horse Pasturage Shrine
Qiu Lianggon's Ancient Style House
Qiu Lianggon Mother Chastity Arch
Juguang Tower
Chen shiyin's Western Style House
Kuixing Tower (Kuige)
General Lu chengjin's Residence
Lu Ruo Teng's Old Residence
Troops Headquarters
Tomb of Wen Yingju
Tomb of Qiu Lianggong
Shimen Gate
Tomb of Cai Panlong
Tomb of Chen Xian
Three Widows Chastity Arch
Cai's Ancestral Shrine of Qionglin
Shuiwei Pagoda
Gulongtou Zhenwei Residence
Yang Hua's Old Residence
Wu's Official Residence
Jeng's Ancestral Temple
Xiaoximen Model Toilette
East Well of Sung Dynasty, Donglin, Lieyu
Haiin Temple