Kinmen National Park Consevation Knowledge Platform, "The Establishment of Conservation Resources Database" comes from one of the project results commissioned by Kinmen National Park Headquarters, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior.

The database accumulates the project contents since 2007 with distribution records of biological, humanity, and military resources, in addition, with the digitalized explication contents and multimedia information of photos, sounds, and images to complete the introductions of different types of resources.

Kinmen National Park is the sixth National Park of the Republic of China, the first off-shore island National Park, and the first National Part integrated with the preservation of battlefield relics, cultural heritage, and nature resources at one time. With the presentation of this e-book, we expect a more complete and handy information could be provided to help explore the diversities of Kinmen.

Theme Tour

Explore natural resources and cultural heritage from distribution maps.

Eco Tour

Provide visitors with sightseeing routes and hot spots information.

Biological Resource

distribution records and multimedia information to see the biodiversities of Kinmen.

Humanity Resource

Present abundant cultural heritage, field photos and history backgrounds.

Battlefield Resource

Present abundant battlefield relics, field photos and history backgrounds.


Enjoy the spectacular views and abundant nature resources in Kinmen.