Humanity Resource Distribution Database

Kinmen National Park is the first national park in Taiwan aims at preserving both battlefield relics and cultural heritage as main pursuits. More than 1600 years of histories since the first settlement of the six clans in Eastern Qin dynasty to Wuzhou Island (the ancient name of Kinmen) achieve the diversities of humanity resource nowadays.

The Humanity Resource Distribution Database is presented with the distribution records by GPS values, the resourceˇ¦s appearance and uniqueness by field photos, and the brief introductions with history backgrounds to achieve the digital archives purposes.

The current accumulations of Humanity Resource Distribution Database are 829 records in total, and following with different characteristics, several sub- databases could be categorized as:

Folk & Cultural Relics Database: 87 records, including 73 records of Wind Lion God
Traditional Architecture Database: 542 records, including 96 records of Ancient-Style Houses, 48 records of Western-Style Houses, and 398 records of Ancestral Temples or Ancestral Shrines.
Historical Relics Database: 53 records
Natural Landscape Database: 46 records
Recreation Information Database: 64 records, including 44 records of Guesthouses
Public Construction Database: 37 records.