Biological Resource

The basis of Biological Resource Distribution Database is the commission research papers of Kinmen National Park Headquarters throughout the years. The digitalization of distribution records for observational species is presented with 500 °— 500 meters of grid or specific point on the map with identifications to the species name and classification.

Except for the presentation of maps, the explication contents of appearances and habitats for common species, plus the multimedia information of images or sounds also enrich the database and provide multiple views to see the biodiversities of Kinmen.

Biological Resource Distribution Database is currently consisted of:

Vegetation Distribution Database: 181 species
(Fern 8 species, Gymnosperm 3 species, Dicotyledon 147 species, Monocotyledon 23 species)
Annelid Distribution Database: 7 species
(Polychaeta 1 species°BOligochaeta 6 species)
Shellfish Distribution Database: 52 species
Insect Distribution Database: 53 species
(Dragonfly 12 species, Butterfly 39 species, Firebug 2 species)
Bird Distribution Database: 182 species
Fish Distribution Database: 41 species
Mammal Distribution Database: 9 species